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Square iron box price    

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gang1802 צפה בגלילה למטה
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הצטרף / הצטרפה: 12/3/2020
מיקום: CHINA
מצב: לא מחובר לא מחובר
הודעות: 10
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    פורסם: 12/3/2020 בשעה 02:20
Our History
Dongguan Sino Packing Products Co.,Ltd is a good, young, hot and rigorous tin factory, which was made by Jiosen .Chiang. Jiosen Chiang is same age with Mark Zuckerberg, Jiosen was working in a tin factory while Zuckerberg was developing  facebook. However Jiosen doesn’t know about IT, he is so good at Tin box.
In the past years, Jiosen sold tin box to all over the world as a sale. Now he sets up his own factory(Donguan Sino Packing Products Co.,Ltd) to control the cost and provide the good quality products to his customers.
If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to setting up successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.
Our promise: Supply our customer best quality products with competitive price.
Give you feedback within 24 hours* 7 days since you send us the inquiry.
Our dream:Our team will become the US-SEALs for the tin box near future.
Our Factory
It is a very good tin box factory for 12 years in China, SINO PAK Limited specializing in supplying tin cans, food packing tins, packaging gift box, chocolate tins, coffee tins, wine tins, candy tins, tea tins, cookie tin box, CD/DVD tin box, toy box,  handle tin box, coinbank box, cigarette tin box, stationery tin box, round tin box, rectangle tin box, abnormity box,  Irregular Tin, heart shaped box, tin tray, metal pail, coaster, advertisement tinplate, Metal Badges, refrigerator magnet tinplate.
Our Product

Tin box,tin can,sewing PVC bag,PVC box,Nov-woven bag,shopping bag
Product Application
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Surface oil machine, Printing machines, Dryers, Shaping machine, Punching machine, Flash machine, Wire cutting machine
Production Market
Company's main European and American markets, such as the United States, Germany, Norway and Australia are among those we cooperation more than 5 years.We have established good relations of cooperation with foreign customers, growing together with customers, company annual exports of $15.1612 million in 2016.
Our service
The company has a number of years engaged in tinplate packaging products design, manufacture and sales of professional team, from product development, manufacturing, such as after-sale follow-up provides the high-quality service for the customer.Adhere to people-oriented, staff members of the enterprise culture, to customer satisfaction as the goal, is committed to creative design, innovative concept, cost optimization, packaging one-stop service for our customers.As long as you make an inquiry, I'll honest answer, kid sou have no deceit;Whether you place the order, I have the patience to follow up, with the members of the tank.Guangdong talent, has been made in the heart, never stop.Square iron box price
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