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Vintage Metal Dining Chairs suppliers    

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הצטרף / הצטרפה: 08/11/2019
מיקום: SDSD
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鈻?Our History
Hangzhou flower aviation industry and trade co., LTD. Is a hardware manufacturing, electroplating processing, plastic spraying, cutting, sewing, assembly for integration of the table and chair and all kinds of furniture manufacturing enterprises. The factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, has all kinds of technical personnel hundreds of, the company to meet customer needs, exceed customer expectations for the purpose, to high-quality "duohang brand" series products, wholeheartedly with domestic and foreign customers to establish a cooperative partnership, welcome your patronage, is willing to "duohang" with you sail, sail downwind.
鈻?nbsp;Our Factory
Our factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters, the plant area of 8,500 square meters, with various professional and technical personnel of 50 people. We have many specialized equipment which are used for collection hardware manufacturing, plating process, spray, cutting, sewing and assembly.
鈻?nbsp;Our Product
Metal Frame Chair, Dining Chair, Metal Outdoor Chair, bar stool, Dining table
鈻?nbsp;Product Application
Bar, pub, Saloon, Wine Bar, Restaurant, caf茅, Diner, eatery, bistro鈥?/p>
鈻?nbsp;Production Equipment
Round sawing machine, Pressure planer, Sand surface machine, Sand machine, Trimming machine, Sawing machine, Angle of milling machine, Jointing machine
鈻?nbsp;Production Market
Sold to most open coastal cities in mainland China and most areas abroad.
鈻?nbsp;Our Service
Pre-sales service :Professional consulting services, on-site introduction of products by professional sales personnel, inspection and observation of product display/demonstration project in showroom, free measurement of site size, computer-aided drawing design, free provision of professional product simulation.
On-purchase service
Service for sale :A large project management department is composed of professional engineers to follow up the coordination work with decoration units to ensure the accurate delivery and installation of furniture. Professional engineering management service express delivery service
After-sales service:
1. Free professional engineering installation and maintenance service, technical consultation.
2. Provide a comprehensive cleaning service and give an appropriate amount of cleaners before the acceptance of the goods with.
3. From the date of delivery of goods, we will provide five-year warranty service to customers with regular telephone letters according to product projects, and provide after-sales service tracking.
4. Conduct on-site observation and test within one week of product delivery. Installation acceptance After, provide professional product maintenance and use skills training for free.
5. During the use of products, regularly send staff to pay a return visit, check the quality of products and find problems.Vintage Metal Dining Chairs suppliers
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