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Robot car parking system cost    

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הצטרף / הצטרפה: 06/9/2019
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    פורסם: 06/9/2019 בשעה 05:40
MAOYUAN single cart robotic car parking lift sytem solutions is a full automated car parking system. It can save land and make full use of space.This car park system also named robotic car parking,automatic car parking system and car auto parking .It can be designed according the vertical and horizontal columns.
Product  description:
smart stacker car parking system/stacker robotic park system/ stacking system/stacker robotic park system/ stackiing syste
Simple operation- Mechanical parking system with beautiful and fashionable in appearance.
Safe and reliable-Multiple safety devices,muti-channels safety protection (anti-fall, anti-crashing and anti-overloading).
Convenient in and out of car- Automated operation with matured design .
Ultra low noise- Fast running speed with low noise.
Easy and fast installation- Simple installation (with detailed installation guide book and design drawing).
Both suitable for home use and public use
Outer packing is full packing, half packing, simple packing or to customers' request
CE approval

The car in red color is to be unparked. the equipment need to finish follow actions to unpark the car .
1.The stacker move uo to the level which loaded the red car.
2. The sliding equipment on the stacker conveys the red car to stacker.
3. The stacker which loaded the red car shift down to ground.
4. the sliding equipment on the stacker conveys the red car to parkiing room and the rotation pallet rotate to turn the car, to ensure the front of car is outward, then the red car finish unparking.

Specifications:Robot car parking system cost
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